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Upcoming Opportunities

  • Integral Group Circle Facilitation Training.     Begins 2023​ Online leadership training, for those feeling the call to step into greater maturity and expansions through guiding circles, training provides you with the key foundations to create and lead integral and healthy circles. Founded on authenticity, safety, and empowered communication these key foundations can be applied to circles that are customized to your intended purpose, vision, and your own unique leadership qualities.

  • Rose Moon Ark  . Online & energetic vessel, a journey into self-knowledge and personal empowerment through your menstrual cycle, move away from self-abandonment, emotional chaos, and disconnection and toward greater self-care, connection, and harmony with your body and emotions through self-awareness. Thrive in life through self-empowerment guided by your own unique calendar and the hidden power of your own blood and menstrual cycle. This is a safe space to grow and be encouraged and be seen in all that you are!

  • The Hidden Power in Your Lifes Transitions.    Begins 2023 Whether changes have been thrust upon you, or whether you have initiated change yourself,  opportunities for growth, transformation, and empowerment reside in our fundamental life transitions.  This is a facilitated self-inquiry and journey of discovery designed to support you to transform your experience of whatever life changes are at hand. One on One session or Group Training.

  • The Power and Art of Intentional Gathering and Ceremony through Lifes Transitions: Dates to be announced

  • Group Circle facilitation one-on-one mentorship:  Available now.

  • Life Transition one-on-one ceremony and guidance : Available now.

15 minute discovery call & connect available
+61492 820 610

"Working with Mallaika was nothing short of extraordinary.. I felt a mixture of newness...a deep homecoming. A return to ancient knowledge,so relevant and full of life." Asuka Hara

."..nothing short of life-changing." 
Rebecca Gunson

"Powerful and transformative work!" Kristen Apenddrot

"I have held groups for women a few times now, and wouldn’t have been able to, without the teachings of Mallaika." Jamie Bade

"a tremendously wise and wonderful woman who brings out these and many more attributes in all of us who are blessed to co-create with her." Joelle Robinson


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