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These reviews are given by participants and clients from private mentorship, sessions, or past group training, ceremonies, and retreats.


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"Working with Mallaika was nothing short of extraordinary.. I felt a mixture of newness...a deep homecoming. A return to ancient knowledge,so relevant and full of life. With my surrender and trust, my ‘thinking’ self dissipated and something else profoundly powerful was given space to emerge. The heart awakening of this experience rings through me still. Since the workshop, I definitely feel a heightened awareness of what it is I wish to say & how to say it, as well as more subtle levels of communication in everyday life and intimate relationships. I also feel much more connected to my energy centers & to Source. I know this is the beginning of a very important journey. 

~ Asuka Hara- Australia

For more on Asuka Hara Teen Empowerment facilitator and Art therapist Creative dance for children.

"Working with Mallaika is an incredible experience!.. She has an exceptional way of making you feel nurtured and free to express your inner truth...I have held groups for women a few times now, and wouldn’t have been able to, without the teachings of Malaika...I highly recommend you to work with her. "

~Jamie Bade, Australia


"I was very nervous going into a session with Mallaika as I had never done anything like it, but when I met her I instantly felt supported, was encouraged to ask any questions I had and the session was life-changing! I only wish I could have a session every week it's that good!"

~Krystle Star Sophia Wild ~ New Zealand. Received Private session with Malaika.

For More on Krystle , Counsellor for mental health & Teacher at Neoburlesque Christchurch


"I was divinely guided to work with Mallaika. I had not yet heard of her and her work but my whole body felt like I had come home in her presence. The workshop that I experienced was nothing short of life-changing. For years I had been disconnected to my body, for years I said: “I can’t sing anymore”. My soul, my wild woman was feeling deeply suppressed and hurt. Malaika guided us to open through song and dance. It took me to a deep place of remembrance where I had never felt so connected to my self. Malaika held a space that felt safe...that welcomed all to be expressed. Through her work I have ignited a passion to work with sacred sound. Malaika also seems to have an innate knowing of when her support is needed and she has been a huge teacher for me on this transformational journey. I have so much love and gratitude for this woman and the work she offers to the world."

~Rebecca Bee Gunson, Australia

"Mallaika's  Workshop was a day of magic bringing ancient wisdom to a modern world. We came together as a group of women guided by Malaika to reconnect to ourselves and each other in the forgotten art of embodied practices. We learned to leave our minds and journey into the depths of our feminine... Releasing our long-held fears through bodywork in a profoundly safe space.We used to dance, channeled sounds and the support of each other to reconnect to our inner truths. I would recommend Malaika's workshops for anyone wanting to take themselves further into discovering who they really are and then to be able to share this understanding with others.

I can already feel the benefits of attending Malaika's workshop when leading my energy healing meditation groups and in my healing work. Thank you for a beautiful day and opening me up to more of me and my gifts."

~ Dr Maree Batchelor G.P 

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"When I first met Mallaika..I immediately felt a sense of deep connection and excitement to work with her I could feel her depth and passion for what she shares... 

The first time with Malaika, she held such a comfortable space that was very inviting and helped me easily connect with myself and the other women in our group. She has this beautiful, real connection to the divine which easily seen through her work.

.....I was shocked by how expanded and connected I felt to myself and those I was working with. I have feeling of such gratitude that she shared such a life transformative gift with me, with us and the world.  She also assisted me with my daily practice and practical guidance on how to help calm myself daily, for greater focus! The practices she shared through movement were beautiful and I felt a greater connection to my body and soul. I was able to really FEEL my body, every single inch of it through her guidance with movement, and has taken me to incredible states of bliss. I am very excited to spend more time in her and am beyond grateful for the support and tools she has given me to walk beautifully and boldly in this world." 

~ Chelsea Bella Gockel~ USA~   @Retreat & The Art & Alchemy of Embodiment

For more on Chelsea Holistic Healer and Manual Therapist  got to >


"Mallaika is a fun-loving creative soul with a wonderful sense of humor. She brings lots of lightness to her classes as well as a beautiful depth. Her ability to tune in to the students and hold space for whatever's needed at that moment was really appreciated by our group. That's a wonderful ability in a teacher. Thank you

~Lorraine Taylor. Yoga Teacher.

For more on Lorraine>

Malaika Vera was a guest teacher throughout Lorraine Taylors Sacred Women's Astanga Teacher Training. 



"I love working with Mallaika! She is relaxed, at ease, deeply connected and she holds a beautiful, safe, clear space. She has guided me into a new relationship with the sonic world – inside and out. She has gently guided me into deep clearing and beautiful openings, has connected me with my soul song and encourages me to come out and play!

The way she combines sound work with movement and ritual is powerful and juicy. After our last session I felt super invigorated and alive…my cells were awake, my mind at rest and forgotten intelligences re-activated. She brought me fully into the beauty of my body and natural movement and combined this with heart-felt intention setting – a beautiful, embodied, creative process! I love Malaika’s playful spirit and her super grounded, integral approach and I’m very excited to delve more deeply into her co-creative, empowering processes." 

~ Sally McDonald- Australia, Private Sessions  to open blockages to singing and communication & 


"My time with Mallaika has opened the doors for a whole new world of healing and possibility to present itself to me. Powerful and transformative work! Thank you, Mallaika!" Kristen Apenddrot- USA 

"My group sessions with Mallaika were incredible. Mallaika was able to create such a safe and beautiful healing space for all of us women to feel comfortable. These healing gifts I will carry with me throughout my life. I have nothing but gratitude, love and appreciation for Mallaika and her beautiful work"

~Emily Barrie - Canada,


"Malaika is a woman deeply guided by intuition & diverse cultural wisdom which shines through her creative & eclectic ways to engage those ready for expansion. Mallaika inspired me deeply to become more curious about my own unique arts & how I could embody them more in my everyday living & engagement with the world. She & her arts were both comforting, supportive & inviting, I felt her eagerness to witness those around her blossom into their higher potentials."

~Ausieers Byrnn Goforth- USA

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"Mallaika is a skilled, powerful and kind leader. I learned a great deal and was so grateful for the opportunity to push myself beyond my comfort zone and then be overjoyed that I did. I found her workshop to be rich, deep, insightful. She is a tremendously wise and wonderful woman who brings out these and many more attributes in all of us who are blessed to co-create with her."

~Joelle Robinson- USA

"Mallaika is an amazing woman full of integrity. She has the gift of being able to operate in the spiritual realm while making her gifts and teachings accessible, grounding them with great awareness and the heart of a true teacher."

~Niki Azevedo - USA

"Since meeting Mallaika, my life has changed. Malaika has been and still is a huge support in my transformation. Her ability to know where I am and what I need in every moment is perfect... you feel safe in her company and she is able to not take things too seriously and laugh about life sometimes, which is great. I can't thank her enough."

~Sarah Kirkeby- Denmark. 

"Working with Mallaika, I felt like I was in very knowledgeable and capable hands. Her demeanor is one of approachability and she structures her teaching carefully and gently so that I felt at ease .... I was more than pleasantly surprised about how much I was able to realize and release."

~ Olivia-Marie von Hubschrauberkopf- Nudelwalker-

"I was at a crossroads when I went to Mallaika’s workshop for the first time. It marked the biggest turning point in my life. She’s a beautiful, loving, and genuine sister. Her classes and workshops are always fun and warm to my heart. I always feel safe to be myself and express what I feel to express without having to be a certain way. I always look out for her next workshops and women circles in Ubud. I love her intuitive dance!"

~Irina Asmi~ Indonesia


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