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Mallaika's Intuitive sessions are inclusive of massage, energetic bodywork and any guidance or messages received. Drawing on her innate abilities, ancestral knowing, and wisdom gained from powerful life's initiations.


Trained in a variety of modalities including Reiki, Theta Healing, having studied under a variety of mentors she has abandoned the majority of what she has learned, coming from a line of intuitive healers she found that the greatest power lies within her own knowing and innate abilities.

Intuitive guidance may access unconscious information and bring it to conscious awareness.  Her approach takes in energetics; mind, body, spirit to facilitate her clients to uncover, articulate, and bring about positive change and transformation into their lives. In general, practical self-empowering tools are shared with the client, so that healing, growth, and self-knowledge are realized through active participation.

Mallaikas aessions are:

  • A safe place to receive deeply restorative and potentially insightful bodywork and guidance

  • safe space for you to express yourself, free of judgment. 

  • An opportunity to learn practical tools to enhance well-being for greater peace and tranquility 

  • Support in moving energy and emotional blocks

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