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Intimacy with our inner experience through compassion and loving "what is" as it shows up in our inner and outer worlds, has the potential to bring our focus back to what is true and vital in our lives.

Guiding our minds away from self-analysis into the essence of our nature,  we enter the mysterious inner landscape of feeling and intuition, translating the unseen into the outer expression of our creative being.


Through intimacy with your sea of sensations and the most mysterious and unknown parts of yourself, we give space and opportunity for gentle or directive answers and authentic activity, answers, and resolution to come, not born of the mind, rather born through insight and presence. Through intimacy with our own self and that which we hold sacred, we discover our own unique means to enhance our well-being and vitality, all of which ripple to create positive change in our lives.  


Depending on your needs Mallaika's sessions facilitate:

  • awakening to one's own innate abilities and inner wisdom 

  • developing intuition

  • guided embodied inquiry leading to self-accountability and empowerment

  • intuitive voice activation ~ for well-being, creativity, and truth-speaking

  • tools for intuitive energy self-bodywork for rejuvenation, restoration, and recharging!

  • communion with oneself, nature, and that which you hold sacred

  • liberated, authentic, and creative expression through embodied movement, voice, and art

  • practical self-love and nurturance

  • awakening body intelligence and awareness

  • intuitive massage and restorative touch

Activated through:


Embodied inquiry


Deep surrender into vocal, visual, or movement expression

Guided Reflection 

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