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Rose Moon

The Rose Moon Ark

An ongoing container for womb~en to journey through their menstrual cycle together. This is a circle of belonging, a sanctum for womb~en with an active menstrual cycle to gather, grow, share, connect, and be yourself! We cocreate a safe place for womb~en choosing to empower themselves through growing awareness and self-care. 


We let go of the perception of our period as something shameful, dirty, and embarrassing instead, we encourage curiosity and the path of self-knowledge which allows us to connect with the mysteries and power of our cycle and our blood.


Together we transform our relationship with our bodies, we let go of any sense of worthlessness, shame, and self-abandonment and move toward self-love, care, connection, appreciation, nurturance, and celebration.

We encourage collaboration and harmony with our body, emotions, mind, and spirit.

We encourage self-empowering and nourishing changes taken and activated in your own time.

Through self-inquiry, daily personal observation, and awakened awareness, come to know your own unique cycles and rhythms. 

Steps to Join

1. Check if you are eligible

2. Read and sign the Information & Participation Agreement

3. Choose your opportunity & Invest in yourself!


You may join during any stage of your cycle, it is designed to incorporate a woman to participate at any phase of her cycle.


Our first Portal Opens Equinox 21 March 2023


We will encourage each other to:

  • Get to know our personal calendar. 

  • Stay accountable for the charting of our body’s physical symptoms, moods, diet, exercise,

  • Journaling to connect with our inner world 

  • Connect with dreams and visions for our own life

  • Connect with innate wisdom through connection with our womb

  • Let go of things that no longer serve our wellbeing 

  • Activate Self-nurturance and Self Care on a regular basis



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