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Are you seeking to move out of isolation and competition into connection and cooperation?

Are you ready to be part of a community of shared intentions of growth and positive change ?

Are you longing to be seen and express yourself in a safe place and develop new and uplifting friendships?


Circles have existed since ancient times as a sanctuary of nurturance and a means to activate wisdom, support, and community. Circles establish a tender and safe place to grow through life's challenges, to foster dreams large and small, serving as a potent platform to facilitate personal and collective empowerment!


Circles are fertile ground for evolving and expanding perspectives. Authenticity and vulnerability are celebrated and valued, as each person's unique qualities are honored.  Circles have the power to cultivate heart-centered relations as we establish trust and see ourselves reflected in the mirror of the other.



Custom Circle Facilitation:

Circles are customized to your needs be that an empowerment group, a mothers groups, a grieving circle, emotional intelligence communication circle, prayer and healing circle, online womens or co-gender circles or other. 


Circle Curation Support: 

One-on-one support in designing and facilitating own circles.


Online Circle 

Many of us, find ourselves in remote locations or disconnected in one way or another from a supportive community, for that reason support is available in creating a customized online circle for you and the group of individuals you wish to bring together, to meet your specific needs.

Joining an already established circle:

All circles are currently full. To be updated on any future circles, please contact us.


Circle Facilitation & Creation Training

Circle facilitation. One-on-one and group training are available, please inquire.


Learn the keys to holding a safe, supportive and empowering circle

~ Leadership Keys

~ Essential Circle Guidelines for safety and wholeness

~ Effective and accountable communication guidelines

~ Circle structures for ease and timely flow

~ Circle plans

~ Themes 

~ Example meditations for grounding and group connectivity

~ Setting the space physically or virtually

~ Circle boundaries & agreements  

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