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Arts Workshop Testimonials 

Mallaika’s workshops are an experience entirely in their own league. As a performer, it was fascinating to see new and unfamiliar forms of movement from myself and my fellow artists. As a human being, it was incredible energies and archetypes embody themselves through my body in a nurturing co-creation between mask and body.

I would definitely recommend to anyone to try out - it’s amazing the things you will learn about yourself as you open yourself to the subtle energies and aspects of consciousness that we all share.

~ Matt Shillcock

A session is full of curiosity, laughter, gasps, epiphanies. I fell in love with masks through Mallaika's workshop. It feels like I've stepped through the threshold to a whole new world of art and a deep way of embodying different aspects of humanity. Mallaika supported us in connecting to those phenomenal masks and allowed us to cultivate intuition and develop our own experiences. I participated in Mallaika's workshop through the 8th International No Borders project, and true to the name, the workshop allowed me to expand my borders and capacity as a performer.

~ Angela Ognev


"Mallaika's workshop gave me a chance to explore what's possible when I'm no longer attached to whom I think I am. Who would have thought I would jive with the fertile warrior mother archetype? And yet I did! These masks are our teachers. We can explore their specific energies and choose to embody them in our life. Highly recommended!"

~ Khuyen Bui

I went to 2 masks workshops with Mallaika. It was absolutely magic! I went into a trance state. Forgot about myself. Interesting how you can take off your mask/identity when you put a real mask on and discover the potential in you that you never discovered before. Thanks, Mallaika for this incredible, one-of-a-kind experience!

~ Ling Lai 


Mallaika’s workshop was like a big warm hug for my inner child! For something which initially daunted me as someone who identifies as ‘not creative’, I surprised myself at how comfortable I was to open up to this group of strangers, held in the safe nurturing container created by Mallaika! Her playfulness was contagious .....and invited all of us to PLAY and DANCE.

~ Gina Occonor

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