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Upcoming Events in The Sunshine Coast: June & July

  • The Calling: A day taster June 2023

  • The Calling: a 6-week journey for those ready to embrace and walk forward in their sacred calling. Commences, July 2023

  • Ritual Communion,  June 2023

  • The Sacred Return in Sexual Intimacy.  A channeling bringing back innocence in Sexual intimacy, channeling wisdom from the great intelligence, and sharing in-lightening experiences of sexual intimacy. June 2023

  • Ritual Communion. August 2023


Fear into Faith & Courage

Lack into Abundance 

Worries into Gratitude 

Grief into Joy

Anger into forgiveness and directed action

What people are saying about working with me...

"nothing short of life-changing....It took me to a deep place of remembrance where I had never felt so connected to myself..... Malaika also seems to have an innate knowing of when her support is needed and she has been a huge teacher for me on this transformational journey. I have so much love and gratitude for this woman and the work she offers to the world."~ Rebecca Bee Gunson, NZ


"I was at a crossroads when I went to Mallaika’s workshop for the first time. It marked the biggest turning point in my life. " Isrina Asmi Bali


"..the session was life-changing! " ~ Star Sarasvati NZ/Goldcoast


"Working with Mallaika was nothing short of extraordinary.. I felt a mixture of newness...a deep homecoming. A return to ancient knowledge,so relevant and full of life. " ~ Asuka Hara, Sydney

"....held in impeccable integrity. I accessed a deep state of presence to physically and energetically release dormant and unseen patterns through my body, breath and sound. Malaika’s gift is a real attunement to what the people in her containers need and the amount of space, rest, honesty and compassion required for actual transformation to take place....." Ella Burns 


Mallaika Vera

Innate & Transformational Arts Mentor

Truth Speaker / Divine Channel

Ritual Communion Facilitator

Culture Bearer

Essence Embodiment Activator

Ceremonialist for Life Transitions and Events 

Mallaika creates transformational fields and events for individual self-empowerment and cultural evolution, she is in service to those aligning with their essence purpose and service activated through workshops, retreats, ritual communion, intentional gathering, emergent ceremonies, circles, and modern rites of passage. 

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