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Are you ready to rise from the rubble of your past into
a new future?


Would you like to feel seen, supported valued and
empowered to create the new life calling you

How can creating an intentional gathering, celebration,
or support you in moving through the
the chaos of change with grace and ease?

Life transitions, new beginnings, and endings, both
joyful and sad, it can be a time of disorientation and
chaos as we learn to navigate the unchartered waters.
It is often a time of unknowns, of saying goodbye to an
the old way of life, and at the same time a gateway to a
a new way of being.


Using ancient, often forgotten arts of powerful
personal rituals, group ceremonies, and intentional,
meaningful gatherings, we assist individuals, families,
couples, and groups across the sometimes exciting,
and other times tumultuous waters of transitions
and change.

The processes leading up to, during, and after an
intentional gathering or personal ritual has the
potential to transform experiences of emotional,
mental, and physical confusion, fear, despair, isolation,
and powerlessness into presence, clarity, strength,

connection, wisdom, renewed hope, new vision, and
empowered optimism.

Are you someone that already knows the power of
intentional gathering and feels the calling to step in,
claim, and grow into your own unique quality of
leadership through circles, ceremony, or ritual?
​In addition to our work creating rituals, we mentor and
train new leaders in transformational intentional


We offer:

Intentional Gathering Conception Design and Facilitation

Leading Ceremonies, Celebrations, and Ritual for your unique purpose 


Personal Inquiry & Ritual Support

Training and Mentorship in  Intentional Gathering, Leading Ceremonies, Circles, Personal Ritual




At This Circle of Life:

We inform and shape culture through innate wisdom and embodied leadership. We establish new, meaningful ways of relating and interacting with each other and the living world we are a part of.

We affect change through inspiring and co-creating intentional gatherings in a myriad of forms.

Gatherings that value:

Authenticity ~ Connection ~ Cooperation~ Generosity ~ Wisdom sharing ~ Strength and vulnerability ~ 


Our meaningful life events and natural human landmarks from birth to death and in between are opportunities to create new systems to live and thrive by.

As individuals, families, intentional groups, and communities reclaim their personal and collective power in life's initiations, we inspire positive change on a grand scale. Change that benefits the present and future generations and ultimately aligns our human walk with the path of beauty as a way of life.



              MALLAIKA VERA

Passionate and committed to essential wisdom, awakening innate abilities and co-creating an inner and collective culture of being that celebrates compassion, authenticity, creativity, and empowered choice. 

Mallaika founded This Circle of Life to bring intentional gathering from emergent ceremonies, meaningful rituals, circles, rites of passage, and other life events to the forefront of human interaction, for the purpose of individual and cultural evolution.

Outside of This Circle of Life Mallaika provides private sessions & services in a variety of fields. LEARN MORE HERE

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